The Wright stuff: Surya reveals new license partner

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. – Surya has partnered with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation on two new rug collections that will debut at the upcoming High Point Market.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to bring Wright’s legendary designs to life in the form of stunning rugs,” said Satya Tiwari, Surya president. “We believe this collaboration will inspire and captivate design enthusiasts around the world.”

Recognized for his revolutionary designs that seamlessly blend form with function, Wright’s creative ability extended far beyond the border of architecture to murals, furniture, art glass, textiles and decorative elements to create a complete work of art inside and outside a building. He also appreciated that rugs allowed for the continuation of his design in a different medium.

“Wright believed that the beautiful objects we surround ourselves with enrich our lives, and we at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation feel that these exquisite rugs from Surya in rich textures and delightful forms will greatly improve the lives of those who purchase them,” said Sally Russell, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation director of licensing.

Russell said the two new collections, called Transcendence and Luxuries, are a testament to Wright’s iconic style, featuring geometric precision, organic motifs and a harmonious fusion of nature and structure.

Transcendence is a hand-knotted collection made from New Zealand wool with viscose accents, celebrating the architect’s practice of abstracting the natural forms around him into their essential, underlying geometry.

Luxuries is a hand-loomed collection that draws its inspiration from the rectilinear grids that Wright used as the foundation for his decorative and architectural designs. The rugs are made in India by artisans to honor the art of craftsmanship.

Both collections feature a monochromatic palette.

A portion of the purchase price will go to support the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s work to inspire people to discover and embrace better living through meaningful connections to nature, the arts, and each other.

The new designs will be unveiled in the Surya showroom, Showplace 4100, April 11-17.

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