U.S. online shoppers were in a spending mood during Cyber Week

SAN FRANCISCO — U.S. consumers spent generously online on Black Friday and went almost as big on Cyber Monday, according to Cyber Week analysis from software provider Salesforce.

After spending $16.4 billion on Black Friday — an increase of 9% over 2022 — shoppers added another $12.6 billion on Cyber Monday, which was a 3% boost. Along with robust shopping on Thanksgiving and the other days within Cyber Week, total online spending came in at $70.8 billion, up 5% year over year.

Average order value (AOV) among U.S. shoppers on Cyber Monday lagged Black Friday by a slim margin: $119 for Monday vs. $120 for Friday. The highest AOV came on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, with an average of $128 equaling a 7.4% year-over-year rise.

At 70%, credit cards were the payment of choice for U.S. consumers. Wallet pay, which encompasses various digital payment options, accounted for 10% of transactions but had the fastest-growing adoption rate at 53%.

Globally, Cyber Monday shoppers spent $48.4 billion online, contributing to a weekly total of $297.6 billion, which was 6% higher than 2022. Online sales growth was highest two days before Thanksgiving and again on Black Friday and Saturday, with each day up 8% year over year.

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