What I’m Bringing to the Hospital for my Fourth C-Section

As a veteran C-Section mama I wanted to share all the things that I’m bringing in my hospital bag. This will be my fourth cesarean and while the surgery is never pleasant, it helps knowing what to expect. And being prepared makes those 2-3 days in the hospital with your new babe the best experience it can be.

Even if you’re not having a c-section, a lot of these are great for a regular birth too!


A comfortable robe is definitely great for both types of births and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s all I wear during my hospital stays and makes it so convenient to breastfeed and do skin on skin. The hospital gowns are thin and gross and this makes you feel a little more human.

Plus after a c-section you don’t want any tight clothing around your incision and a robe is nice and loose fitting.


Smells have the power to transform our mood and emotions. And a stinky hospital room isn’t going to make us feel very relaxed. The simple smell of some calming essential oils can instantly bring us peace and make us feel like we’re somewhere other than a hospital bed.

There are so many affordable oil diffusers you can buy and it’s my favorite way to make my stay feel a little more like home. And my forever favorite oil is lavender.


You never know where or how far away the outlets will be in your room, so make sure you have a nice long phone cord to keep your phone charged!


I’m a chapstick addict and hate having dry lips. And the air in a stuffy hospital room certainly doesn’t help. Especially post surgery when you’re pumped full of meds and in and out of deep sleep with your mouth wide open.

Burts Bees is still the GOAT in my opinion.


It’s the biggest blessing in the world when the nurses take your new baby to the nursery and let you get some sleep. But not so much when they come barging in in the middle of the night, blast the bright overhead lights on and wake you up out of a deep slumber for a feeding.

Having a small touch light by your bedside that you can turn on instead is a game changer!


Just like smells, music has so much power over us too. And our baby! There’s only so much daytime tv you can watch, and I love being able to have some tunes playing while we enjoy all the sweet newborn snuggles. A portable speaker makes it easy to set the mood and listen to your favorite tunes.


Socks in general are a must to keep your feet nice and warm and cozy, but if you have a c-section, tthey have to be no-slip. It’s painful enough those first few times you get out of bed and the last thing you want to do is slip and fall and have your incision reopen.

Plus as much as it hurts, the more walking you do the better, so get those no-slip socks on and hit the hallways.


If you’re like me and always freezing, you want to bring a nice cozy blanket with you. I’ve also experienced the WORST chills where I couldn’t stop shaking after my surgery and the blankets they give you are awful. Do yourself a favor and bring something that’s actually soft and makes you feel snuggly and warm.


If you plan to breastfeed, it’s an unpredictable journey that can begin with lots of failed attempts which means very sore and raw nips. This nipple cream is a great natural option made with marshmallow root and calendula flower.


I love my Brumate Era and drink out of it constantly throughout the day. The cups and plastic water bottles the hospital have are subpar in comparison and don’t keep your water cold at all. It’s so important to stay hydrated after your surgery and bringing your own bottle makes it much easier to do.


The hospital will supply you with pads but you can never have too many and if you’d rather some that are non-toxic, these are a great option.


These mesh underwear are what the hospital gives you and IMO they are the best. They literally feel like you’re not wearing any underwear but still keep the pad in place. I always try and steal as many as I can before I leave but it can’t hurt to bring your own supply too.


I’ve honestly had motherhood maternity nursing bras since I had Eloise 8+ years ago. There are definitely so many great options out there but these have been my fav by far!


Breastfeeding = leaky nips and these disposable nursing pads are a life saver to keep you from soaking through your bra and shirt.


If you’re in the hospital for 3 nights you’re gonna start feeling gross and grimy. Especially after a big surgery. As much as I hate getting out of bed and showering post-op, I’m always so glad I did and feel so refreshed once I’m back in my bed.

Some of my favorite products I’ll be bringing are Acure facewash, Carina Organics shampoo & conditioner, Dr. Bronner’s castille soap, and Primally Pure deodorant and everything balm.


Our whole family loves these electrolytes and I’ve been living off of them during my pregnancy. They help me stay hydrated, taste amazing and have good quality ingredients.


Your going home outfit doesn’t have to be cute, it just needs to be comfortable. The last thing you want is tight clothing on your incision. Since I’m having a summer baby this time, I plan to bring a simple, flowy dress that will allow my belly to breathe.

I hope this list was helpful if you’re having a c-section or regular birth! And if you are having a cesarean, be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s a major surgery and we’re expected to take care of our babies immediately after. It’s hard. But you can do it <3


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