10 Clever Hair Tie Storage Ideas ⋆ Bright Stuffs

Store and Organize your hair ties like a pro with this list of Hair Tie Storage Ideas! These are space and beginner-friendly hacks!

If you’re tired of misplacing or losing your hair ties, check out these best hair tie storage ideas. They will help you keep them neatly organized and easily accessible.

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Hair Tie Storage Ideas

1. Mason Jar Hair Ties Storage

Hair Tie Storage Ideas 1

Looking for a super simple and affordable storage solution for your stash of hair ties? Simply grab a mason jar and say goodbye to the storage woes. Hop on this article for more details.

2. Carabiner Clip Hack

Hair Tie Storage Ideas 2

If you have a carabiner clip, you don’t need anything else for hair ties storage. It’s a great portable hair tie organizer that you can keep on the go inside gym bags, laptop bags, and purses.

3. Toilet Paper Roll Hair Ties Holder

Hair Tie Storage Ideas 3

Instead of discarding empty toilet paper rolls, repurpose them for hair ties organization. It’s a practical, zero-cost solution for keeping your hair tie collection in one place.

4. Shower Curtain Ring Hair Tie Holder

Hair Tie Storage Ideas 4

You only need a few shower curtain rings and hooks or cabinet knobs to organize your hair ties. It’s a great beginner-friendly project that anyone can easily do in a few minutes.

5. Hair Ties in Ice Cube Tray

Hair Tie Storage Ideas 5

An ice cube tray is a thrifty way to separate and organize hair ties without any complicated DIYs. Each small compartment can hold a different type or color.

6. Use Drawer Dividers

Hair Tie Storage Ideas 6

Use drawer dividers in a dresser or vanity drawer to create separate sections for hair ties and other haircare accessories. This keeps them untangled and easy to find.

7. Altoid Tin Hair Ties Holder

Altoid Tin Turned Hair Tie Holder

Learn how to transform a simple altoid tin can into a hair tie holder using this tutorial. This hack lets you store hair ties, bobby pins, and hair clips without creating a mess in your purse or desk drawer.

8. Egg Carton to Hair Tie Organizer

Egg Carton Organizer

Rather than tossing empty egg cartons, you can reuse them to keep your hair ties in order. The best part is that this project is simple and not time-consuming.

9. Hair Ties on Door Knob

Door Knob Hack Idea

If your door has a traditional knob, this project might be perfect for you. Simply slide the ties over the doorknob, and that’s it. This method keeps them handy and avoids misplacements.

10. Wall-Mounted Hair Tie Organizer

Wall-Mounted Hair Accessory Organizer

Keep all of your hair ties in one place with this wall-mounted hanger. It’s made up of a wooden plaque, acrylic paint, a sponge brush, and metal coat hooks.

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