Alden Home continues to build on rebrand with focus on furniture that ‘thrills’

HIGH POINT — When Alden Home, formerly Alden Parkes, announced the company’s rebrand late last year, the goals for the initiative were to introduce a refreshed visual identity, strategic creative approach, a new website and a new showroom at the October High Point Market. Now, nearly six months later, the company’s founder is planning to once again highlight all that is new and fresh at Alden Home, including a commitment to home furnishings that will last for generations.

“I think we’re moving away from disposable furniture,” said Lynne McArdle, cofounder of Alden Home along with Khrys McArdle. “When we develop product, we really want to focus on quality, and we are not cutting any corners.”

Lynne McArdle
Lynne McArdle

With a nod toward consumers who are “discerning,” McArdle explained that one of the company’s design focuses for the product line is to take inspiration from nature and create furniture that is “beautiful, but not overdone.” The focus incorporates everything from finish to frame, and McArdle added that it is all part of redefining who the company is and how they differentiate the line from others.

“After 18 years in business, it feels like we are stepping out and really getting ready to flourish,” she said. “There are times when you have to jump off a cliff and know you are going to catch wind and fly, and this is one of those times.

“Many companies try to be a lot of things to a lot of people, but we realized that what got us excited was taking elements from nature and creating designs from them,” McArdle continued. “We’re outdoorsy people and we see beauty in nature. So, we decided to take the beauty that already existed and make it part of the collection. We’re not about pieces; we’re telling a story.”

Alden Home is located in the International Home Furnishings Center, in Interhall, and the location supports the rebrand strategy, McArdle said. At the April market, nearly 100 new products will debut, alongside some of the company’s bestsellers.

“Creating more than 100 new items has been a labor of love over the past nine months we’ve been developing and building our new brand,” McArdle explained. “The showroom in IH-310 puts us at the center of market energy and opens the door to interact with a concentration of both retailers and interior design firms. Everyone walks through Interhall at market. We wanted the opportunity to introduce our brand and some of our collections where it would have the greatest exposure.”

McArdle noted that each collection is “comprehensive with bedroom, dining and/or living room pieces that tell their story through the veneers and finishes.” For spring market, introductions include three bedroom groups, seven dining groups and multiple living and accent pieces.

“The new collections are elegant, delicately scaled, yet solidly built,” she said. “With our industry partners, we are able to incorporate the beauty of the hand-selected veneers, the rich, clear finishes and hardware that adds that touch of jewelry to each piece to create something very special.”

The Alden Home team expects to build on the momentum of October 2023’s market, and while 2024 might prove challenging in the home furnishings industry, McArdle said that she will measure success in a number of ways.

“We had a wonderful market in October, and we didn’t have anyone come into the showroom who wasn’t thrilled. My way of measuring success is if people can’t keep their hands off the furniture, and our finishes are breathtaking, including a ‘moving’ veneer. It’s been interesting to watch, and I have to say that our intuition was spot on.”

The rebrand also includes a new website described by company officials as “an engaging digital platform for professionals.” McArdle thinks the combination of a reenergized physical presence at market combined with a stronger digital offering will support Alden Home’s growth strategy now and in the future.

“Change is ever present in our world today, including the furniture industry,” she said. “I think every industry has faced unprecedented challenges over the last few years, and we’ve learned to remain steadfast to our goals and disciplined in our focus. My husband and I climbed Mt. Shasta 10 steps and 10 breaths at a time. Focus and discipline: They will always take you to the next best step.”

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