Need a reason for optimism? Here are 5 | Jerry Epperson

This is the most exciting and interesting time period in the home furnishings recession cycle. Just keep in mind these interesting facts:

  1. We sell 55% of our annual revenues in the second half of the calendar year.
  2. Why? Most single-family home sales are made in the warmer months (May to October) and are occupied and decorated soon thereafter.
  3. Inflation has declined steadily to just over 3%. It is still above the Fed’s target of 2%, but we are within range for two quarter-point declines if the Fed is willing. We are closer to lower interest rates (and mortgage rates) than we have been in five years. Get 30-year mortgage rates near 6%, and watch home sales soar! And the stock market touching record highs gives more confidence, too.
  4. Higher home sales will be a huge factor in restoring consumer confidence, and we already have a massive shortage of residences for our younger households.
  5. We proud post-war Baby-Boomers are now 60 to 78 years old and have accumulated more wealth (homes, investment portfolios, savings, insurance, pensions, etc.) than any prior generation. This should result in about $14 trillion being transferred to our heirs when we go to that great furniture store in the sky.

It also makes us remember saying our vow of “until death takes us apart.”

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