Yearning for a trip to High Point Market | Jerry Epperson

I am upset.

I have health issues that are prohibiting me from attending this October’s High Point Market. And this after my spine and heart doctors had my hopes up that I could go for at least a long weekend.

High Point Market is more than just a business event for me. As I have said often, it is more like a reunion with hundreds of friends. And in many cases I have become friends with my old friend’s children and am proud to see their interest in the family business and taking over key roles. I could name a lot of names.

My family feels very connected to High Point, too. My son and his wife met at High Point University, had the wedding in High Point, and now her parents have moved to Richmond to be with the kids and their two children, 2 and 4.

While I am not a party-going guy, there are more events scheduled for market evenings than ever, and lots of new showrooms and buildings to explore, but really every showroom will be updated just for you.

I cannot remember going to market and not hearing a program or speech that taught me something helpful.

I won’t mention my favorite restaurant while I’m in town, but it is spelled Marisol.

I have had unforgettable experiences in High Point. My brace on my paralyzed leg broke one evening when I was emcee at a huge event. I had to hang on to the podium or fall.

Another time, a camera was stolen from my room at the old Holiday Inn, near the current Plaza building. That night around midnight there was a VERY LOUD KNOCK ON MY DOOR followed by, “Mr. Epperson, this is the POLICE!”

As I struggled to put on my brace so I could walk to the door, the voice and knocks kept getting LOUDER. The remainder of that market, people kept asking me what was happening in my hotel room.

While I won’t be there in person this fall, I look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming April High Point Market. It will be my 100th!

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